Digital Signage


We know you have choices. At last count, over 1000 companies are selling digital signage. How on earth do you make a good selection in such an overcrowded market?

Choose a product...

with experience

Showcase is a product we’ve been refining and enhancing for over a decade.

with good company

Showcase is currently run by 50 Fortune 500 companies on four continents.

that works

While our uptime rates are among the best, we also have 24/7 Live Support.

that is solution-focused

What showcase can do is amazing — what we’ve done with it is more amazing.

with options

Windows, Android, iOS. Showcase is a family of signage.

The real advantage to Showcase is the choice you have. Showcase is four different products. An arena does not have the same requirements as a national retailer. A bank, convenience store, & restaurant don’t hire the same people. Why on earth would they buy the same tool? Showcase can be deployed in any combination of four different tools.

  • iOS Showcase

    iOS Showcase is the ideal form factor for POP & self edge networks. Or plug either device into any monitor with DVI or HDMI. iOS signage is a great way to trial a signage network. Managed through the same webtools as all our Showcase products, iOS can be administered from anywhere and the app itself can be distributed publicly through the app store or privately with an Enterprise App Store account.

  • Android Showcase

    Dramatically slash hardware costs compared to traditional CPUs. Large corporate networks can save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on hardware and even more with simplified installation and support over the long term.

  • Enterprise Showcase

    If you require a complex network, intense media needs, or custom device integration, step up to the granddaddy of signage tools: Enterprise Showcase available on Windows & Mac. This tool is at the leading edge of our development roadmap based on roots in our interactive platform. If it doesn’t do what you need out of the box give us a call. It can be customized to do nearly anything you can dream of.

  • Menuboards

    Add sizzle to your menus with motion, a proven way to increase sales and push promotional items. We create gorgeous on-brand menu templates that can be customized to give as much or as little control as you like to the individual franchise locations. Best yet, our templates are written with standard non-proprietary tools that designers already use so if your marketing department wants to maintain your menuboards we’ll happily train them how.

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