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You've got great products and services, but need a better way to promote, share, and influence the in-store customer. Showcase offers a suite of digital signage tools for any project and scale. If you're a national retailer looking for sophisticated distribution or a Mom & Pop store with less than 20 minutes to spare, we've got the right sized Digital Signage solution to deliver. Find your perfect match below:

Enterprise Signage

Our most robust signage system with advanced features like:

  • Media Tagging
  • Layered Zones
  • Media Approval
  • Remote Viewing
  • Multi screen Video Wall
  • Layered Media
  • Design Templates
  • Hardware Alerts

Frameworks DS

  • Bundled hardware and software solution with Dell
  • Optimized for single screen or single location deployments
  • Simple Drag & Drop interface – simple, fast, friendly
  • Loaded with professionally designed templates

iOS Player

  • Available for Apple’s iPad & iPod Touch
  • Plug iOS device into a television or LCD monitor for a low-cost player option

Android Player

  • Now Available!
  • Supports our most popular feature set
  • Cut hardware costs by as much as 50%


  • Update pricing & promotions in real-time
  • Local manager access and configuration options
  • Schedule for Day-parting, repeating, and future updates