Deploy, Test & Update in Record Time

Pinpoint is a simple and powerful way to create and deploy interactive touchscreen applications. From product information kiosks to in-store focused web content, Pinpoint enables you create personalized, branded touchscreen experiences at a fraction of the time and costs of custom development. Our strong management tools guarantee projects stay fresh & relevant after roll-out.

Our Engine

We started with a core engine that simplifies the way data and content are displayed and controlled on screen, enabling you to create a unique customer experience with minimal effort. Product information, lush marketing content, questionnaires, customer sign-up—There are dozens of variations built into the engine that get you up and running fast, while giving you an ability to change and adapt to market and competitive pressures.

Your Brand

Your brand can be as fluid as your content. Too many interactive deployments are stuck wearing last year's look or worse yet, started bland to avoid falling out of style. Powerful tools allow you to update Pinpoint Kiosks globally and quickly. Dated branding has no place in digital deployments, leave that to delivery trucks!

Your Content

To prevent your screens from growing stale or losing influence, we tie them straight to your data and content. Want to introduce a seasonal product, showcase your latest video, or target a message? No problem. Control the content as you need to and measure the results.